Graphic design transcends ornamentation: it is a universal language and subsequently, an effective way to mould an impression via our own use of expression. An integral component to any complete message, graphic design should be prized and prioritized as highly as word choice. At times, a design should shout – silence a crowd. At others, it ought to convey that while others are screaming, a whisper is what distinguishes us from them. Successful design amplifies a message without emasculating it. It showcases offerings and supports the recient’s ability to understand and differentiate far among choices and products regardless of medium, whether a package, advertisement or brochure.


For me, graphic design is the glue that bonds sender, message and recipient. Therefore, I approach each design project with the desire to link these ends; to actualize the union of a sender and recipient within a specific message. The principle applies regardless of wether dealing with the design of packaging, product design or the design of a product’s communicative and visual dimensions. satisfying the desire requires getting the design to speak the same language as the product and that of any other communication surrounding the product.


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