At its core, graphic design deals with visual communication. It’s a discipline that incorporates a plurality of ever-varying forms of expression. It needs to be professionally and creatively well-informed. Graphic design focuses on the optimal presentation of one or more messages via printed or digital media.

Good design ensures clear communication: relevant information meets  a recipient and is understood as intended.

Graphic elements shape recipient expectations: assumptions about the sender, expectations about the brand and expectations about the story being told. Thus, visual means must be consistent so as to ensure the consistency of recipient expectations. Of course, the graphics must create expectations that a sender, brand or story can live up to.


Graphic design encompasses, among other things: typography, shapes and colors, as well as symbols or images which form a whole once combined. The work begins by determining the goals and objectives of a business or institution. This involves the collaboration of employees at all levels and     is concluded only when the solution is finally implemented.

Communication design produces consistent expression throughout all the visual means employed by a business. This includes presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi or sketches on a classic flip chart), the painting of vehicles, advertisements, banners, newsletters, annual reports and printed materials in general.


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