The website is typically a prospective customer’s first encounter. Therefore, it is crucial for a website to reflect the strategic decisions reached by a business: what does the business offer the world, how and why?

While a website needs to look great, beauty alone is not the goal. A successful website expresses the essence of the business or institution being visited, namely, what its values are and what it has to offer. A website’s appearance depends on concrete needs. The solution begins with the institution’s existing values – and clearly explains, what the institution has to offer.

I identify essence, value and message and arrange my conclusions to optimize the portrayal of an individual business and product in relation to a target group.

The right image communicates many words. The opposite is also true. Therefore, I am thorough in my choice and arrangement of photos. Should the image be the right one, yet its quality imperfect, I am equally meticulous with the manipulation and editing of imagery.


GTS Nordic is a company that helps international clients from all over the world to do business in Denmark. They base their compliance services on domestic and international knowledge and expertise, as well as long-term relations with leading Danish and international law- and accounting firms and banks.

They wanted an identity and a website.


Fakor 3 works with solar cells in different solutions.

"we have to make sure that we obtain as much power as possible from the solar panels used, while ensuring that the device that is being powered uses as little energy as possible. This is why we place high demands on the energy efficiency of the products we design."


The Clinic has over the years asked me to help out with all the marketing material incl. their website.


The Odd Fellow Palace has trough out the times, with its unique surroundings and long history welcomed many prominent guests from all over the world.

I was proud to help out with invites, menu cards, brochures, roll-ups and website.


Nyhavn 57b, 3rd floor 

(+45) 28 89 20 98

1051 Copenhagen K